- Paul Azevedo  

Experience, Innovation, Performance

Paul and Brenda Azevedo started Aztrack Construction in 1995 with the two of them as the company’s only employees. Since then, Aztrack Construction Corporation has firmly established itself as a leader in the industry of overhead powerline construction. Aztrack works both as a subcontractor for and directly with power contractors throughout the western states to install and maintain energy infrastructure in inaccessible areas. While power companies are capable of doing 80-90% of their power line construction work, they need Aztrack’s expertise to finish the job on the roughest terrain.

Whether on steep grades, in mud, snow, or flooded areas, Aztrack has got what it takes to get the job done. Aztrack Construction endeavors to remain the best in the business while maintaining the highest level of safety, and sometimes the standard equipment just isn’t good enough. With its visionary leaders, forward-thinking business model, and expert engineers, Aztrack continually improves its equipment in order to safely and efficiently overcome obstacles and to create a new industry standard.